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Kagi no Kakatta Heya (J-Drama.) – Arashi

2 Jun

This drama is so suspenseful, it keeps me guessing of what will happen next. Sato Ohno is just the man for the it. Not to mention that the ending theme song, Face Down, the PV itself had just been realeased! Check it out.

– Aéda


Any girls out there that has a weakness for a baby like Yamada, Ryousuke ??

2 Jun

I was watching their new single of Super Delicate PV earlier today. The opening scene with a baby-face Yama-chan is just too perfect. How have he grew into a lovely man! I recently finish watching his new drama, Risou no Musuko. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Yamada. Here a picture of Yama-chan, go ahead and change your wallpaper kekeke..Image


– Aéda


Hemenway – By My Side HD ( Eng SUB )

1 Jun

Best Naruto Shippuden Ending so far. I love the band, I honestly thought the lead singer was just too cute to be Japanese. Well what I mean is that he looked more like a Korean boy, and well turns out that he is Korean, but because of his passion for music and japan. He is a Japanese singer, who sings incredibly. The band overall did a great job on this song as a debut. Fits perfectly for Naruto Shippuden!!



Kotae nakute mo ii sa
Sagashi tsuzukerun da yo
Sou otona ni naru jikan da nee

Ima sugu tsugetai kedo
Furue ga tomaranai
Kokoro wa imasara
Nigete sakebu no sa

By my side By my side

Tatoeba anata no me no oku ni
Motomeru keshiki ga aru no nara
Sore wo tsukande tashikametai nda
Moshi tatoeba boku ga kono tabiji de
Tachisukumu koto ga aru no nara
Hitsuyou na no wa tashika ni kanjiru
Sono te dakara
I need you here right by my side
By my side

Kotae arigatou nee
Kimi ga keshiki mo kaeta nda
Kono hoshi ni umareta imi
Tokete yuku ki ga shita yo

By my side By my side

Boku no kokoro no fukai basho ni
Itsumo kimi no basho ga aru kara
Kitto ima mo wakaru hazu nanda
Moshi kimi no namida ga kono sekai wo
Kimi kara toozaketa to shite mo
Boku wa sono te hanasnaai nda
Dakara sou ima
I need you here right by my side
By my side

Boku no soba ni ite kure
Eien ni te wo nigitte
By my side


答えなくてもいいさ 探し続けるんだよ
そう 大人になる時間だね

バイマイサイド バイマイサイド

例えばあなたの眼の奥に 求める景色があるのなら
もし例えば僕がこの旅路で 立ちすくむことがあるのなら
必要なのは確かに感じる その手だから
I need you here right by my side バイマイサイド

答え ありがとうね

バイマイサイド バイマイサイド

僕の心の深い場所に いつも君の場所があるから
もし君の涙がこの世界を 君から遠ざけたとしても
僕はその手 離さないんだ
だから そう 今
I need you here right by my side バイマイサイド



It’s okay if you don’t have an answer; just keep searching for it.
That’s right, it is time for us to act like adults.
I wish to tell you this right away,
but my trembling wouldn’t stop,
and my heart, with the worst timing, is now screaming at me to run away.

By my side. By my side.

If the scenery I’m looking for is in the depths of your eyes,
I wish to seize it and check it out myself.
If on my journey I would stand still stupefied from time to time,
all I will need is the unmistakable feeling of your hand.
I need you here right by my side. By my side.

Thank you, for your answer.
You have changed the scenery.
I felt that I would finally be able to understand
the meaning of my being born onto this planet.

By my side. By my side.

Deep inside my heart, there will always be a place for you.
I’m sure we both know this even now.
Even if your tears were to take you farther away from this world,
I would never let go of your hand.
So yes, right now,
I need you here right by my side. By my side.

Please stay by my side.
Always keep my hand gripped in yours,
by my side.


– Aéda


** Credits goes to JpopAsia for lyrics and video from SOQwaser ( Youtube )