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“Sleep Is God” – who made that motto…

2 Jun

Ever since the senior event at my university the song from Carly Rae Jepson was chosen as one of the dance song for a dance group. Ever since then im in love with this song. Especially when I found out that the Harvard baseball team made a dance to it. So basically there is this one person I can’t get my mind off, every now and then I’m fine when I don’t see him, but when I see him it all came back to me ehhh… Anyways I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday now that it’s June 2 I’ll top off with the picture of y favorite pal, Bumblebee, he’s a pillow pet. Soon I’ll be off to bed and dream about the of love of my life kekeke…


– Aéda


Reaching up from underwater..

31 May

This is my first time blogging, I’ll need all the help I could get from readers and friends. I’ll mostly post about Gaming, Anime, Music, Dramas, Gyaru Fashion, Thai-Drama/Sitcom, Thai-Pop, J-Pop, and K-Pop. 🙂

– Aéda